Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion
Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion

Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion

Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion

Embrace the soothing, protective care of our Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion and experience the relief your sensitive skin craves. This meticulously crafted formula is your daily shield against skin discomfort, providing a nurturing layer that soothes irritation, diminishes itchiness, and reinforces your skin's natural defenses. Ideal for those battling eczema or seasonal dryness.
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Gentle Relief for Sensitive Skin

Discover the soothing touch of our Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion, specifically formulated to nurture and calm sensitive skin. Rich in natural ingredients known for their healing properties, this lotion provides effective relief for eczema and itching, restoring comfort and hydration.

Key Ingredients:

- Chamomile Hydrosol & Roman Chamomile: Celebrated for their anti-inflammatory properties, these ingredients soothe irritated skin and reduce redness, making them ideal for eczema-prone skin.

- Squalane & Hyaluronic Acid: These hydrators offer deep moisture retention, improving skin texture and reducing the occurrence of dry, itchy patches.

- Astaxanthin & Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidants that help protect sensitive skin from environmental stressors, further preventing irritation.

- Argan Oil & Rosehip Seed Oil: These nurturing oils enhance skin’s elasticity and fortify its barrier, reducing the susceptibility to irritants.

Designed for daily use, our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing immediate relief and lasting comfort. The refreshing hint of peppermint cools the skin, while the calming aroma of chamomile creates a relaxing ritual that soothes both body and mind.


- Eczema Relief: Helps alleviate the discomfort of eczema by reducing inflammation and guarding against flare-ups.

- Itch Reduction: Actively soothes and minimizes skin itchiness, promoting a more comfortable skin feel.

Directions: Apply generously to hands and body, especially on affected areas, for soothing hydration. For optimal results, use daily and reapply to dry or itchy spots as needed.